KARG Radio Nets

Kemptville Amateur Radio Net

(This is a possible net format but Net Controllers may improvise)

Good evening and welcome to the Kemptville Amateur Radio Group net on the repeater VE3NGR.

145.250 MHz with a negitive offset and a ctcss tone of 110.9.

This net meets on Tuesdays on this frequency at approximately 19:30 hrs local time.

This is an informal net, open to all licenced amateurs who wish to check in.

Operators are invited to test their station equipment, experiment, and discuss items of interest to other amateurs.

Net Control station this evening is NAME, CALL, located in FN2? (use 6 digit grid square if you know it)

We will listen for any urgent traffic first, then mobile and hand held stations and finally base stations.

We will listen for urgent traffic first. Please go ahead. (pause) ...

Now mobiles or hand held radios, please go ahead. (pause) ... Net acknowledges (read back all callsigns heard)
And finally, base stations please. (pause) ... Net acknowledges (read back all callsigns heard)
(One round table, of the check-ins.)
Last call for check-ins.
(Allow late check-ins to talk)
This is CALL closing the Kemptville Amateur Radio Group net at TIME.

Our FM Net Controllers

  • We welcome volunteer Net Controllers. Please send any of the exec an email. See Contacts Tab above.

    Our FM Net Controllers Schedule

    July2Rob HVA3RXH
    August20Rob HVA3RXH

    Our Slow CW Net

    This CW net meets on the first Monday evening of the month, at 1930 hrs (local time) on 28.120 MHz. The purpose of the net is to help us all improve our ability to send and receive morse code (called CW for Continuous Wave). Net Control is usually Don VE3DQN. The net is very informal and tolerant of all types of straight key sending and receiving at relatively slow speeds. Errors are welcome.

    On other Mondays, at the same time and on the same frequency, we encourage you to meet up with other operators who wish to practice their CW and chat with one another. If you do not hear anyone on frequency, do not hesitate to call CQ. Everyone is welcome.

    Other Nets:

    Brockville Amateur Radio ClubBrockvilleFriday2000hrs144.260MHz USBN/Avarious
    Trans ProvincialCanadaWeekdays0800hrs7.100 LSBN/Avarious
    CanAMChathamDaily1000hrs7.150 LSBEN82various
    Racoon NetIroquoisTuesday1900hrs145.290 -ve shift, FM, tone=100HzFN13various
    NEQRP HF CW NetNorth AmericaWednesday2000hrs3.566 MHz CW QRPN/Avarious
    OntarsOntarioDaily0700hrs - 1800hrs3.755 LSBN/Avarious
    Upper Freq SSB NETOttawaTuesday2100hrs144.250 simplex, USBFN25VE3XRA Glenn
    Rubber BootOttawaWeekdays0730hrs146.880 -ve shift, FM, tone= 136.5HzN/Avarious
    Phoenix NetOttawaTuesday1930hrs146.880 -ve shift, FM, tone= 136.5HzFN25various
    New HamsOttawaTuesday2000hrs146.940 -ve shift, FM, tone=100HzFN25various
  • Do you have a net hosted out of the Greater Ottawa Area? Please let us know! See Contacts Tab above.